Saturday, February 16, 2013


Issue 5 is sold out! Way to go you sell outs. I'm thinking about doing a paperback collection of issues 1-5. Any takers on a book like this?

I just sent a gullwing off to Canada. If you need a 64-70 Chevy gullwing hit me up. I'm ready to make another. Also just did an econo visor for another vanner in Vanada. I'm also working on a chin spoiler for 64-70 Chevy vans.

Bj's 62 econo project is about to get a D&D disc brake kit and we're making new floor pans.

I had fun at council of councils in Boston. Got snowed in during some record breaking storm. We just partied.

This old spoiler was rapped in vinyl and I had to get all of the contact cement off of it. A few mods and I'll take a mold.


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