Sunday, October 6, 2013

Busy Busy Busy!

As usual my time is absorbed by things I probably shouldn't be involved in so it's slowed down the production of issue 7. Issue 7 will be out by the end of November and I will have it in person at Mooneyes Xmas Party in December at the Irwindale Speedway. Speaking of which if you plan to bring your van please pre register. They need to know how many vans will be there to make an appropriately sized van section this year. Support Moon!

So what's been taking up my time? Well great things like my full time job at Allison's Rod and Custom as a fabricator, printing all of my own t-shirts for the web store, a few fiberglass projects for my room mate, turned an old engine in to my coffee table, helped coop spray his shortened van, built a gullwing door for an A100, helping friends figure out sheet metal patch panels, updating the website, and instagram, swapping a 4 core radiator in to my room mates van, playing with slot vans, helping out with an intake swap for a member of our van club which turned in to a motor swap, paying my bills, helping people gullwing their doors over the phone, going to truck-ins. Lots of stuff like that. All fun stuff for real.

Speaking of fun stuff and truck-ins we went to Next Gen vanner's (of Cleveland, OH) 3rd annual truck-in and it was a blast. Lots of great vanners up that way new and old, lots of great vans, and plenty of party.
early econo patch panel

3rd gen chevy hood scoop mold

gnarly mustang at work. making room for 14" meats.

great home made sticker of an old chevy truck

one of my new slot vans.

the four core going in to alexs van

how my mornings go.

helped coop spray his short a100

built a fiberglass A100 gullwing with a steel inner structure for billy from next gen.

show n shine at next gen

sweet airbrushed wood dash in hot box

burts space cruiser

full custom hot box

how every issue starts

super bummed that my 36th nats frisbee broke in half. fuck.

my LT1 coffee table.
when bolts get in engines. if your friends come over to help you work on your rig make sure they understand that it's a serious deal not playtime. beers come after the work is done.