Friday, November 23, 2012

Issue 5 is at the printer

Vanners! Issue 5 has been sent to print. It's a 2013 calendar plus a few bonus features at the end of it. I kind of consider a year end calendar to be like a year book so I tried to cram as many vans in there while tryin to make it a quality piece and not a jumbled mess. Matt from rolling heavy magazine invited me out to his territory for the Mooneyes Christmas party. We will have a booth out there amongst the very special van parking section. The guys behind the moon equipment company have been in to vans for years. They know its coming back and they have welcomed all 60s and 70s van in to their event this year. We hope to see you there. Check out the webstore for a couple of new patches and order issue 5 while you're at it. Orders will start shipping out mid December.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm putting the back issues on mag cloud. You can order through them. They'll print you however many copies you order and mail them directly to you. This way I don't have to front the money and you get the magazines you want. Issue 5 will be out at the beginning of december. I'll be out in california with them for the Moon Eyes christmas party. If you're gonna be out there come say hi! Issue 5 will be a bitchin calendar/mini issue. we're calling it a calizine. It'll be 36 pages total. It will be super cool I promise. If your van is bitchin and you wanna see it in the calendar send me some pictures to :
New Publication

By David Brooks

28 pages, published 10/24/2012

Issue 4 of Custom Vanner. Packed full of custom vans. This issue features a handy article on wheel offset, vans from the UK, event coverage, some west coast survivors and much more.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well that's another van jam in the books. We had a good time and a decent turnout. It didn't rain to awful much and we partied quite a bit. Here's some photos.

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random vandom

Just random photos. All recent. All of these vans are out on the road.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busier than shit

I have been Very busy. I have another 100 copies of issue 3 on the way. I'm working on issue 4. I think it's really gonna shape up to be quite the issue. I'm also taking ads for issue 4. Full pages are $100, half $50, and 2" of the long edge of a page are $25. Email me if you would like to get an ad.

I went up to coop's house this weekend and installed a set of gullwings on a 65 Chevy. I'm glad to have that out of the way. I'm still working on billy burketts a100 gullwings.

Coop's A 100 is coming along nicely.

King turds Astro showed up in coop's driveway with a burnt up rear end.

Vance's astro is for sale if you have 5 grand. This is a mean mochine.

I finally finished the aluminum dash skirt for a 52 chevy truck at work.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I'm up to.

Saw this 65 at skatepark. Turns out the owner is a 17 year old skater and he's had his van a year. Very cool!

This guy came out to our club meeting recently. His Chevy has a stock four cylinder. It's tiny!

Heres a 65 econo I did some striping on recently at an indoor car show and pinstripers charity auction

Here's a rat fink panel I painted recently for the charity auction.

Here's the aluminum dash skirt
I've been working on for a 52 Chevy pickup.

And last but not least my buddy Bj bought this 200 straight 6 from a 67 mustang to put in his 63 econo. Should be a good runner.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Issue 3 sold out

Hey Vanners issues 3 and 2 are presently sold out. I have 50 more of each on order. This is last call for issue 2. Issue 3 will probably get re printed until 500 copies. Issue two made it to 550 and I think that's plenty. Thanks for the support as always and again the webstore address is

In other news if you haven't layed your hands on a dirty Donny vantasy model kit yet you should. They are bitchin.

As always I like to share random photos I have on my phone.

Fourth nationals sticker

I loved the drawing of that econo.

Old school two color posters

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