Friday, October 14, 2011

Sticker packs and issue 3

Ok guys there was supposed to be a third issue out by October but we have decided to wait until council of councils in February. Three issues in the first year would be great but it's a gamble right now.

New sticker packs are available. Six stickers for six dollars shipped. Paypal me as usual. David at monkeydrive dot net.

I picked up a Toyota 20R motor for my van. It was sitting in my bosses back yard. I recognized it because leadfoot put one ( or maybe it was a 22R) in his 65 chevy. I snagged it and the 4 speed trans that was bolted to it for $100.

For those of you not familiar with the 20R it's an overhead cam 4 cylinder with a dual row timing chain. To top it all off it's carbureted. I'm hoping for around 25 MPG.

The engine was sitting in a field for a while so we pulled the head and cleaned it up. She broke free and feels great. We pulled the valves and cleaned all the seats. Were gonna re assemble an see how it does. If it's worth it then I'll pull the head again and get a valve job.

I know what you're saying. Wheres the power? This is a 95 HP engine. That's 20 less than a stock 230 and about the same as a flathead V8 that would have come in a 49-53 mercury. If it could move one of those it will move the van. I'm considering making fiberglass front doors eventually to get rid of some weight.

Here's a couple of welding Helmets I striped for work.

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