Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm putting the back issues on mag cloud. You can order through them. They'll print you however many copies you order and mail them directly to you. This way I don't have to front the money and you get the magazines you want. Issue 5 will be out at the beginning of december. I'll be out in california with them for the Moon Eyes christmas party. If you're gonna be out there come say hi! Issue 5 will be a bitchin calendar/mini issue. we're calling it a calizine. It'll be 36 pages total. It will be super cool I promise. If your van is bitchin and you wanna see it in the calendar send me some pictures to : customvanner@gmail.com.
New Publication

By David Brooks

28 pages, published 10/24/2012

Issue 4 of Custom Vanner. Packed full of custom vans. This issue features a handy article on wheel offset, vans from the UK, event coverage, some west coast survivors and much more.