Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Issue 7, van nationals

Well the 41st van nationals was awesome. 660 vans there from Wednesday through Sunday. A lil rain never hurt anyone. I saw a couple of canadians sliding down a hill in ponchos. it was like cool runnings. I saw some great vans, great vanners, partied my ass off, sold some mags, made new friends. what more can you ask for? We picked up Matt from Rolling Heavy wednesday during a gnarly storm. It was great to have his company. I hadn't seen him since mooneyes in december. Much too long. So we jammed down some steak n shake while the locals gave us the easy rider look. then we hauled ass over to old washington in my 67 econo and set up camp. We wanted it to be comfy so we brought a stereo and a leather couch. Guzzle puzzle was a big hit. If you didn't catch the rules you had to chug a beer to win a limited edition puzzle. only thing about it, it wasn't the beer of your choice. We set out 6 numbered beers which ranged from pbr, High life tall boys, to Foster's big cans and so on. You rolled a die. whatever number you rolled, you chugged that beer. Good times and free beer were had by all except for one guy that said " i've got a puzzle for you: why the fuck would we do this?" for fun ya dumbass. So anyway the Vannin Documentary folks showed a cut of their movie and it was superb. Can't wait for the full length. Everything else was a blur. pictures will complete that story. I'm starting on issue 7. Hoping for late september early november release. who knows. This one is gonna be jam packed. I'm trying to do more single page articles to fill the mag up as much as possible while staying with the 28 page format. Theres gonna be some great how tos like disc brakes for your early, custom floor pans, pre trip maintenance, sun roof installs and probably a few more as well as some sick feature vans.

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